Agenda Includes Bloomberg Political Analyst Matthew Dowd and Financial Professional Mark Zinder

The Flexible Packaging Association is pleased to announce that Bloomberg and ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd, and economic recovery and finance expert Mark Zinder will be speakers during the 2012 FPA Fall Executive Conference. The Conference will be held on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at The Hotel InterContinental in Chicago, Illinois, and will provide insight into the flexible packaging industry’s current trends and issues, and offer great networking opportunities for senior management.

Matthew Dowd, a well-known and respected political consultant, commentator, and strategist, will address FPA members and guests during the FEC Networking Luncheon, and share his insight on “Election 2012.” He will use his wealth of experience to provide FEC attendees with an insider’s view of American politics.

Matthew is the former chief campaign strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign, where he oversaw all of the campaign’s media message development, targeting, and research – work that earned him the title of “Pollster/Strategist of the Year” from the bipartisan American Association of Political Consultants. He also served as a major strategist for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the senior advisor to the Republican National Committee, and the director of polling and media planning for the 2000 Bush for President Campaign.

After a change in heart about the Iraq war, Matthew now considers himself an independent. In early 2011, he advised President Barack Obama after the 2010 midterm elections. He can currently be seen as a political contributor on ABC News. Matthew is coauthor of the wildly popular Applebee’s America: What Political, Business, and Religious Leaders Can Learn from Each Other, which examines the tactics used by two great politicians and a ground breaking company to thrive in an era of immense change. Matthew also pens a biweekly column called “Common Sense” for National Journal’s website.

Mark Zinder is a seasoned financial professional with more than 28 years of experience and a unique gift for making the complicated clear as he examines the trends and ideas actively reshaping business today. During his address, Mark will discuss “What Happens Next?” and show how history does indeed repeat itself, and how past downturns have been followed by periods of unprecedented growth and innovation.

A veteran of the financial industry, Mark began his career as an investment adviser with Dean Witter, and then became the national spokesman for Franklin Templeton Investments, which gave him the opportunity to travel the world and learn about the financial markets. In 2004, Mark started his own firm, Mark Zinder and Associates. A highly sought after speaker, Zinder will provide insight into market history, investor behavior, and financial trends.

Event registration and hotel information is available online For more information about the 2012 FPA Fall Executive Conference, contact the association at (410) 694-0800.