The 2010 Fourth Quarter Industry Earnings Report, produced by the Flexible Packaging Association, examines the profitability and productivity of the flexible packaging industry. Key financial and operating expense benchmarking data appears within the Report, which is gathered from FPA converter members through the 2010 Fourth Quarter Industry Earnings Survey.

FPA is pleased to report that 53 percent of its converter membership participated in the survey. Companies surveyed include a cross section of small, mid, large, and very large companies. The Report is only available to FPA converter members who participated in the survey. 

Highlights of the Report note that net profit before tax as a percent of net sales increased slightly to 5.6 percent (fourth quarter 2010) from 5.2 percent (fourth quarter 2009). The Report also details information on average

P&L and expense data by company size (based on year-to-date sales revenue) and primary manufacturing operation.

For more information on the 2010 Fourth Quarter Industry Earnings Report and other benchmarking reports including the Operating Ratios, the Pulse of the Industry, the State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report, and the Industry-Wide Converter Report, contact Bob Zaborowski, director, FPA Business & Economic Research, atbzaborowski@flexpack.orgor (410) 694-0800.