Rinco Ultrasonics has unveiled FPA series ultrasonic pouch sealing systems for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible packaging. The FPA-4500 was designed specifically for sealing pouches with up to four and a half square inches of seal area while the FPA-4500S was created for use in duplex and triplex applications where a narrow profile is required.Ultrasonic Sealing Systems

The new ultrasonic film sealing system produces seals with greater surface area than competitive ultrasonic systems and provides the widest processing window of any ultrasonic sealing system currently on the market. Seals anywhere from 2-mm to 25-mm are now possible compared to 1- to 2-mm previously, according to Hull. Depending upon the film used, Rinco has determined that its interlocking pattern can provide a 20 percent stronger bond than conventional ultrasonic seals.

Rinco Ultrasonics