Appleton Mfg. Division will bring their industry workhorse A301 Automatic Core Cutter to ICE USA 2013. This automated core cutting solution is rich in features including simplified automation, intelligent control, and superior precision to increase productivity while reducing material waste and operating cost. The machine on display will feature several customer selected options: a Digital Read Out, Auto-Indexing Knife and our patented Instant Diameter Change System.

The A301’s advanced feature set makes it the ideal choice for affordable, automated core cutting. Once the customizable settings are in place, the A301 automatically cuts and advances the cores with precise accuracy within +/- 0.010 inch. All equipment settings can be controlled by using the A301’s intuitive LCD touch panel screen. It can be equipped with Automated Parent and Cut Core Handling, Auto-Indexing Knife, Extended Cut-off Target Length, Digital Length Measurement, and other features to best fit your cutting requirements. Appleton cutters are built to the highest quality standards and are the most robust machines on the market.

Options Included on ICE USA Display Unit:

  • Auto-Indexing Knife advances the cutting blade 3/16" on its circumference each time a preset number of cuts is reached. This extends blade life, thereby lowering operating costs. Safety is also improved as the operator only handles the blade during replacement.
  • Digital Readout is a digital display unit and linear scale which eliminates visual measurement guesswork and reduces cut length errors.
  • Patented Instant Diameter Change System provides for a multiple core diameter cutting capability with a single mandrel and interchangeable cartridges.

"The A301 is one of our best selling models," says Paul Roth, V.P. of sales at Appleton Mfg. Division. “Bringing one to ICE gives converters an opportunity to see a live demonstration.”

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