Martin Automatic LRDThe latest LRD rewinder now accommodates 800 mm (31.5 in) diameter rolls in the standard model, with larger diameter models available. Operator control is via a touch screen display. In addition to high visibility, expanded diagnostics and even easier operation, the LRD includes recipe functions so operators can quickly and easily store and recall the winding parameters of repeat jobs. The optional in-line slitter package has been enhanced to offer lateral adjustment of the slitter and anvil roller assembly for quicker set-up, fine-tuning and change-over between jobs. The LRD offloads finished rolls automatically via one of several standard doffing ramp designs for full-width, multiple-ribbon or loosely-wound rolls. If product rolls are small or require special handling, an optional articulating arm automatically delivers finished rolls through the front of the unit for easy removal.


Martin Automatic

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