EasyViewTension measurement and controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. (DFE) will demonstrate the EasyView tension indicator at the International Converting Exhibition (ICE USA) in Orlando, FL from April 9th through 11th.

The indicator is a compact, low-cost general-purpose web tension amplifier and display device for web printers, converters and web process manufacturers. It mounts on a machine frame in its enclosure version, or may install into a panel cutout on an OEM operator panel or in a cabinet.

The EasyView is powered by 24 Volts DC and amplifies a web tension signal from tension transducers installed in a machine’s web path. It displays an accurate tension reading on an analog or digital meter while supplying an isolated 0-to-10 VDC tension signal output to a PLC, drive, or controller. 

Quik-Calis a labor-saving feature of EasyView. During setup, the operator pushes a ZERO button and a CALIBRATE button for one second each to set the Zero and Span settings, rather than having to turn potentiometers. Because the zero and calibration settings are stored digitally, the output is stable and drift-free over time and varying temperature.

“Because of its electrical isolation, ease-of-use, size and competitive price, the EasyView is one of DFE’s most popular tension readout devices,” claims Glyn Green, Field Sales Manager.    

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