OLBRICH GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of customized converting machinery for a wide range of coating and laminating applications to the paper, film and foil converting industries. OLBRICH’s success is based on an ongoing effort to implement state of the art innovations within the fields of coating, laminating, drying and winding technology and always with the focus of the customer’s needs!

Based on OLBRICH’s 60+ coating head configurations and the newly introduced state of the art Pressure Gravure System 1/6 300, “ PGS 1/6 300 ”, as presented at ICE Europe 2013, which will ensure the highest precision in coat weight and also in reproduction quality OLBRICH solutions focus on providing the highest quality achievable, cost sensitivity and efficient production processes at any time.

Therefore OLBRICH has made in addition the Clean In Place (CIP) technology part of its outstanding drying technology. With this latest innovation OLBRICH is able to offer the highest standard in automated and reproducible cleaning processes on the very important topic of cross-contamination which is of crucial interest especially to the pharmaceutical industry due to the simplified validation process (also GLP, GCP and GMP compliant). As a result of this it leads to an enormous minimization in cleaning time, reduction in manpower and finally in an increase in productivity of the coating line overall.

In addition to above OLBRICH offers in detail innovative solutions with focus on manufacturing of adhesive coated tapes and labels, pre-coated convenience products, functional foil and film, decorative, healthcare and pharmaceutical products, window film, ink jet, photographic, photovoltaic, battery, flexible packaging, wall paper, floor covering and technical textile products.