Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has launched a discussion group on LinkedIn, “Ask the Adhesives Expert”. The group serves as an additional channel to carry information to customers and other companies that use adhesives in their manufacturing processes and as another way for customers and industry professionals to get answers to specific questions quickly.

The division sees the discussion group as a natural extension of its strong commitment to customer service. Franklin Adhesives & Polymers prides itself on maintaining well-trained and responsive in-person and online technical and customers service teams and on its ability to provide a high level of support to domestic and global customers.
“The discussion group gives us one more way to serve our customers and others who have questions about adhesive products, applications, market trends and related topics,” says division marketing communications manager Abbe Raabe.
“Ask the Adhesives Expert” also adds another dimension to existing communication methods: It enables Franklin Adhesives & Polymers to simultaneously discuss solutions with many people, in different locations. The forum environment enables members to share their own views and experiences, broadening understanding of any given topic related to adhesives. 
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