Toray Plastics Introduces Torayfan MWX6 Metallized White Polypropylene Film  

Toray Plastics Inc., announces Torayfan MWX6 metallized white cavitated biaxially-oriented polypropylene film. New Torayfan MWX6 metallized white BOPP film is designed with a proprietary, "ultra-barrier" layer on one side for superior moisture-barrier and excellent oxygen-barrier functionality. The other side of MWX6 film is a hermetic, heat-sealable layer. New MWX6 film can be used as a monoweb or a lamination and runs on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines. In addition, end users will especially appreciate the film's bright white, glossy appearance, which enhances a package's attractiveness inside and outside, will appeal to consumers, and can contribute to a brand's success. Available in 100 and 110 gauges (1 - 1.1 mil), MWX6 film is the ideal choice for packaging salty crisp snacks, baked goods, confectionery items, pet food, and refrigerated and frozen foods. Torayfan MWX6 film can also be used for agricultural and chemical packaging. 
Toray Films
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EvoSeal Film Boosts Barrier and Reduces Costs

RKW Danafilms has developed an innovative EVOH sealant film, EvoSeal, to replace PVDC-coated PET. EvoSeal makes an ideal inner ply for laminated barrier films used in regular, stand-up, and zipper pouches in the food industry. In the past, when an oxygen/aroma barrier was required, the outer PET film needed an expensive PVDC coating. With EvoSeal, the PVDC coating can be eliminated completely. Taking out PVDC also reduces odors and lead time, so the cost benefits keep growing. And, the new PET is safe for use in food packaging. 
Also available:
EvoSeal-PP: superior seal with polypropylene
EvoSeal-M: metallized formulation
RKW Danafilms
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MF-Folien Introduces First Film Made from DSM’s EcoPaXX

Royal DSM announces its development partner MF Folien GmbH introduced a new polyamide film, which is based on DSM’s bio-based EcoPaXX polyamide 410. EcoPaXX polyamide 410 films are strong and transparent with a high puncture resistance. The films have a reduced moisture transmission rate versus polyamide 6 film, and a comparable oxygen barrier. When fully wet, the oxygen barrier of polyamide 410 is even higher. Recently, three grades of EcoPaXX were given the “Certified Biobased Product” label, awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These labels certify a proven bio-based content of around 70 percent. 

Minigrip Offers Expanded Range of Specialty Medical Bags

Inteplast Group has transferred the sales, marketing and shipping of specialty medical bags from its IBS (Integrated Bagging Systems) division to its newly acquired Minigrip Commercial. The products include Speci-Gard adhesive-closure and Speci-Zip zipper-closure bags and a line of customizable patient belonging bags. 
Minigrip’s specialty medical bag product family now includes:
• Lab Guard Reclosable Specimen Bags with patented 
TearZone® EZ-Open Feature and Destroyable Bio-hazard Symbol
• Lab Guard Reclosable UV Protection Bags
• Lab Guard Reclosable Chemotherapy Bags
• Speci-Gard Adhesive Closure Specimen Bags - the only bag featuring 
the easy-to-use liquid tight, Press-and-Close adhesive closure system
• Speci-Zip Reclosable Specimen Bags
• Patient Belongings Bags
• A Broad Range of Customizable Bags and Convenience Packaging

Smurfit Kappa Extends Pouch-Up Range

Smurfit Kappa has announced that it is offering a more extensive range of Pouch-Up products. Pouch-Up now comes in two shapes – one with a single gusset at the base and one with a gusset at the bottom and top.  New formats of 1L and 1.5L double gusset have been added to the existing range which now includes seven different formats – 1L, 1.5L, 1.75L and 3L single gusset, 1L, 1.5L and 1.75L double gussets.
Smurfit Kappa

Wildeck Introduces SaferGate Pedestrian Crossing

In response to customer requests for a rugged, long-lasting pedestrian crossing gate, Wildeck has introduced its new SaferGate. Designed for easy field retrofit, the SaferGate self-closing swing gate installs in minutes on new or existing Wilgard double or triple guard rail columns and all installation hardware is included.  The new SaferGate can replace a 4 foot section of guard rail without modification to existing columns and it provides a 34-5/8” clear opening for pedestrian or cart traffic.
Wildeck, Inc.
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Luminite Products Corp Acquires Patent for Load-N-Lok Technology

Luminite Products Corp, a laser-engraved flexographic sleeve and cylinder supplier, announces acquisition of the patent for their mandrel-free “air sleeve system”, Load-N-Lok (patent #8,307,764). The Load-N-Lok system allows the press operator improved efficiency by reducing start-up waste, improved press times, and multiple print repositionings.  Now available for order, Load-N-Lok sleeves are suitable for all substrates, and ideal for seamless printing. 
Luminite Prodcuts Corp
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