Laser processing is the latest technological advancement in the flexible packaging industry. In previous years, packaging companies have mechanically die cut or scored packages to create easy open and breathable features. But companies are now providing premier laser converting services that outperform and outsell mechanical methods.
These companies are called toll laser converters, specializing in contract laser converting services for the flexible packaging industry. The primary focus is developing easy open and breathable packages for the food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial industries, and more. 

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Advanced laser cutting systems allow production of unique and top quality applications and flexible packages. LaserSharp FlexPak Services’ latest development is laser scoring to produce a peel and reclose application. This innovative application enables packages to be easily opened and closed, all while preserving and maintaining the integrity of the enclosed contents. Applying the peel and reclose feature to flexible packages is also done to increase the value and potential revenue of the package.
Peel and reclose applications can be used to preserve perishable food items, such as produce, cheese and cookies, along with other delicate items such as cleansing or baby wipes. This unique laser scoring application creates a package with convenient, easy open features. The package can also be easily closed, without the use of clips or a plastic bag to preserve, protect, and contain the enclosed product. 
This new application can also be used when packaging certain medical and pharmaceutical supplies. In this case, the finished application also acts as an additional security feature. Due to the specific laser score design, a broken or uneven pattern will appear if the package is opened before it is intended to be. Showing that the package has been tampered with is vital to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, therefore making this new application highly appropriate.
In order to create this easy open feature, a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) material is applied to the flexible film. The entire production of the peel and reclose application can be done at LaserSharp FlexPak Services with the LaserSharp Servo SP10 Applicator. This roll to roll system works in-line with the company’s existing laser machines to apply individual labels onto a substrate, moving at a minimum of 300 feet per minute. The applicator is capable of processing labels as large as nine inches long by nine inches wide.
This applicator delivers the appropriate force and speed necessary to perfectly apply the labels to the desired place on the film. The LaserSharp Servo SP10 Applicator was designed to be easily set up and operated. The system was built with top web paths and bottom edges to act as reference points to provide consistent tracking and easy threading.
Another quick and easy feature of the LaserSharp Servo SP10 Applicator is the interactive touch screen control system. The touch screen displays all of the set up and changeover information for the applicator and stores the setup information for each label applied. To run the machine, the operator simply needs to indicate the setup numbers and change to the desired setting. If necessary, the label position on the material can be easily changed, without the use of tools, while continuing to run the material. 
The LaserSharp Servo SP10 Applicator is the top machine for extremely accurate, continuous, and primary labeling. With this applicator in-house, LaserSharp FlexPak Services is well-equipped to produce reliable and convenient peel and reclose applications for any desired package.
Together, this label applicator and LaserSharp systems provide the power and accuracy to create numerous laser scored designs for the peel and reclose application. The laser score can be done before or after applying the PSA label to the film, and can be done either from the inner or outer layer of the film. 

Laser Cutting for Accuracy

LaserSharp technology allows the production of unique patterns to meet any specific packaging needs. This technology is a noncontact process that guarantees finished material is free of processing fragments and excess residue.
The peel and reclose application is suitable for a wide variety of film structures and packaging types. Common packaging structures include stand up pouches, pillow pouches and trays. However, this application is not limited to just these structures. LaserSharp FlexPak Services can develop the appropriate application to suit your specific package design. Available film structures include single polymer, multi-polymer, paper, and multi-laminate structures. The application is not limited to any specific PSA label material, adhesive, carrier liner, or linerless label. For convenience, an easy open pull tab can also be added to the package.
The company’s advanced laser technology is an efficient and accurate method for processing flexible packaging material. Using lasers to produce easy open features, such as the peel and reclose application, ultimately produces consistent score depths, accurate placement, and an overall clean application. Furthermore, this ensures the completion of a reliable and beneficial package.
Peel and reclose applications are a growing feature in the flexible packaging industry. By adding this convenient, easy open application to your package, you will be providing more useful and beneficial features to your flexible package. Take advantage of this new easy open feature offered at LaserSharp FlexPak services and create more unique packages that stand out against other flexible packages.
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Jessica Ley is office and marketing coordinator at LaserSharp FlexPak Services, LLC, and has been with the company since January 2012.