Valeron Strength Films ISO14001 CertificateWith the renewal of its ISO14001 certificate, originally approved in 2007, Valéron Strength Films again demonstrates its determination and ability to continuously improve its environmental performance. 

The renewed certificate was officially awarded in April of this year after an extensive reassessment towards the requirements of ISO14001: 2004 by Lloyd's RQA. The newly obtained certificate has been granted for a three-year period, expiring in 2016. 
Valéron Strength Films has set up a system which proves to be very efficient in generating improvement of overall organizational environmental performance and according to the report it is ‘based on a very good analysis of environmental aspects, for activities as well as product and supporting processes.’ Valéron was also praised because of its integration of environmental organizational objectives and the required skills and training of its employees. 
"Environmental issues are increasingly important to our customers. Therefore Valéron is constantly looking for solutions where technology and sustainability work together perfectly,” comments technical manager, Marc Joos.
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