Rainier Plastics Erema lineRainier Plastics, Yakima, Wash., has brought on line its fourth Erema plastics reprocessing system; a 1512 TVEplus with an Erema SW RTF back flushing screen changer.  The new system allows Rainier to stay ahead of the growing demand for its products and services while ensuring continuation of the exceptional quality its customers expect from Rainier, according to General Manager Kathy Williamson.

Rainier bales, shreds, grinds, pelletizes, and blends raw materials for the plastics industry throughout North America, producing more than 35 million pounds a year, delivering high quality, custom processed pellets precisely matched to each customer’s requirements.  Rainier also buys, sells and brokers most types of plastic materials and maintains high capacity silo storage and orchestrates an efficient material transportation network.

In the basic Erema recycling system, scrap material is fed into a large vertical cutter/compactor unit that uses friction to densify, size-reduce and pre-warm the plastic material.  A unique advantage of the large cutter/compactor is the ability to dynamically blend scrap materials while they are in the chamber. Scrap, inconsistent in its material make up and amounts, is blended to produce a steady, predictable melt. The preheated, densified material is then fed directly to the extruder screw.  Compacting and melting occur gradually, at a precisely controlled temperature, adding minimal heat history to the reclaim. 

The TVEplus efficiently handles the more heavily inked and additive laden plastics packaging common today.  RTF automatic back flushing screenchangers are highly efficient melt filters that deliver exceptional quality and significantly reduce production interruption and the labor required by less advanced systems.

Kathy Williamson says, “Plastics reprocessing is a rapidly evolving industry, demanding increasingly more precision in material engineering for specific applications.  Erema technology has more than kept pace. They anticipate our markets and provide the systems we need to match our customers’ expectations.”


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