Comexi Group and Clondalkin GroupComexi Group, a specialist in solutions for the flexible package convertible industry, reaches an agreement for the sale of two Flexo F2 flexographic printing presses to Clondalkin Group, an international producer of flexible packaging. In the coming months, the machines will be installed at the latter’s Flexoplast B.V. and Wentus Kunststoff GmbH plants, located in Holland and Germany respectively, part of Clondalkin Group’s Engineered Films Division.

With this purchase, Clondalkin Group is demonstrating its aspiration to expand within the flexible packaging sector and to offer quality solutions at an international level. To achieve this goal it has chosen to confide in the features and performance of Comexi Group’s Flexo F2 printing presses. A fundamental factor in the closure of the sales agreement was the fact that Clondalkin has already worked with machinery by Comexi Group. Satisfaction with the results and the proven reliability of the machinery led Clondalkin to choose the Catalan manufacturer once again.

The innovative design of Comexi’s Flexo F2 printing press is the result of perfected ergonomics. By introducing changes to the structure of the press, accessibility to all points that affect operability, functioning and maintenance has been improved. These innovations also reduce the time needed for changing tasks, thus ensuring a more productive machine.

The Flexo F2 press by Comexi incorporates 10 new patents related to the grids, doctor blade, drying screen, feeder reel, layout and Cingular modules. Since all these aspects are directly concerned with ergonomics and efficiency, the company decided to name it F2 FlexoEfficiency.

This particular press by the Catalan manufacturer has been singled out this year to receive the Red Dot Design Award.

Flexo F2 printer

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