Baran Ambalaj, Comexi GroupComexi Group, a specialist in solutions for the flexible package convertible industry, has reached an agreement for the sale of a Comexi Proslit Eikon to Turkish‐based company Baran Ambalaj. The slitter‐rewinder is the second machine to be installed by the Catalan company for Baran Ambalaj.

This second sale was motivated by the efficiency and positive results of the first slitter-rewinder that the Turkish company purchased on 2010. According to Bahri Uçar, head of Maintenance and New Investments at Baran Ambalaj, “The purchase of this second Eikon machine has broadened our potential to work with different materials, ensuring a level of productivity beyond the boundaries of our imaginations. The returns on the two Comexi Group Eikons are exceeding all our expectations.”
Founded in 1977 and covering an area of 15,000 m2, Baran Ambalaj is a flexible packaging and paper supplier that specializes in packaging for food products and bags of all kinds. The Comexi Proslit Eikon will be used alongside the first machine to produce flexible packaging.
The Comexi Proslit Eikon is a slitter‐rewinder machine that incorporates the latest innovations in the converting industry. This fully electric machine is ideal for working in settings where aseptic conditions are required, since there is no contamination of the workplace by hydraulic oil in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard, and it needs less maintenance than hydraulic systems.
The slitter‐rewinder is based on the concept of precision slitting and the application of overspeed through a second motorized nip and gears that allow for overspeed and overtension during the slitting process. Thanks to its robustness, ergonomics and automotive potential, plus the fact that it can be regulated to carry out any kind of task, the Comexi Proslit Eikon is a versatile machine in terms of the materials that it can handle and its adaptability to customer needs.

Comexi Group in Turkey

With the installation of this second machine at Baran Ambalaj and other agreements for
2013 that the company is reaching in Turkey, the potential for Comexi Group to expand its Turkish sales is reaffirmed. This is a market with good prospects for trade. Various different Turkish companies have visited Comexi Group’s facilities and shown an interest in the Catalan company’s different product ranges.
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