Esko ArticosCAD EnterpriseEsko announces the worldwide availability of ArtiosCAD Enterprise, the latest release of the world's most popular structural packaging design software. With ArtiosCAD Enterprise, all assets are stored in a centralized - yet private - corporate database in the cloud. The Enterprise Database Server, powered by WebCenter, provides a secure web-accessible database in the cloud and project management engine. It enables dynamic online collaboration between design groups, CAD and graphic designers, suppliers, brand owners and production. The ArtiosCAD Enterprise client enriches WebCenter projects with all the CAD-specific metadata, like geometry and materials, so that all details about the packaging project are captured and managed from beginning to end.

“ArtiosCAD offers users to access a secure enterprise database from the cloud, with project management features that help to control every job,” explains Richard Deroo, Esko product manager of structural design. “It also adds features to assist with project efficiency, including design request forms that help to quickly communicate new jobs and dashboards that help to monitor project effectiveness.”

With the ArtiosCAD Enterprise database, users can save any file type, all accessible from an ArtiosCAD client or web browser. All valuable corporate assets such as CAD files, customer lists, projects, specs, and bills of materials are available anywhere from a centralized common, secure, database. Data files can be quickly searched, filtering on any metadata. Most important, ArtiosCAD Enterprise assures the database delivers the most up to date and immediate files.

“Before Stora Enso Packaging made the investment in ArtiosCAD Enterprise, each job would go through a linear approval process with every stakeholder. This potentially added weeks to the time from concept to completion. Now everyone involved can access the project immediately,” comments Andis Skujenieks, Baltics sales and marketing manager for Stora Enso Packaging. “As a result, we can handle a greater number of jobs and complete them more cost efficiently,” he adds.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise provides easy-to-use online dashboards with real-time feedback about project status, due dates, samples needed and other parameters. Users can also easily search and export data to Excel spreadsheets, enabling them to create their own custom reports, with no data entry required. The search criteria can be saved for simple one-button reporting when needed. This assures instant response to current workload, project status and completed work.

With its project management, ArtiosCAD Enterprise can store all project assets in the central database, organized in folders. From there a designated administrator can manage group responsibilities, easily distributing tasks to others, even based on the current load. Users can quickly see what tasks are allocated to their departments. Automatic email notifications/updates also can be sent to project members, suppliers or other outside agencies.

With online web-based design request forms capturing all relevant job data, ArtiosCAD Enterprise can automate and streamline project creation and improve the communication between sales and design departments. It helps deliver quicker response time and transparency of design requests, project status, and resource load. It also reduces errors due to miscommunicated specifications.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise is a scalable solution. Single-location users can increase productivity with a process-driven workflow, reducing the number of data entry points. Larger global accounts benefit from the online, secure, central database that delivers instant access to centralized corporate design assets from any location.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise is currently available from resellers and direct sales representatives throughout the world.



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