Next Generation FilmsNext Generation Films, based in Lexington, Ohio, has ordered another three-layer blown film line from Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp.
The three-layer VAREX has a 134” working width, grooved feed extruders (105.30/135.30/105.30D), Optifil P3 gauge control system, OPTICOOL high output air ring and a 35.43” Maxicone C die.
Dave Frecka, owner & CEO of Next, says he is currently defining specifications for another line soon to be ordered from W&H.
Next is in the midst of renovating its new 175,000-square-foot building on the Next campus, which will have 12 bays, eight and 10 stories tall, for both existing and new blown film equipment. By the end of 2014, Frecka expects to have 12 extrusion lines in operation in the new facility. Current company turnover is estimated at $245 million and Frecka projects sales will exceed $350 million by mid-2015. Just five years ago, Next's sales were $100 million.
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