Wikoff Color Corporation makes a significant financial investment converting a space in their Fort Mill, S.C., manufacturing plant into a state-of-the-art energy-cure inkjet ink manufacturing facility and cleanroom suitable for the demanding requirements of producing inkjet inks. The facility houses some of the industry’s most advanced manufacturing and test equipment, providing an ideal environment for manufacturing inkjet inks. 
“Wikoff is making a major investment to manufacture inkjet inks of the highest quality with the expectation of becoming a strong competitor in a growing segment of the graphic arts industry,” says Geoff Peters, Wikoff Color president and CEO. “We are bringing our well-known,industry leading service and custom product formulation to serve the existing digital market as well as support our current customer base entering that arena.”
Wikoff has been servicing the printing and packaging industry since 1956 and brings their experience in developing inks to adhere to an array of substrates to a challenging market where printing on unique substrates is the status quo. Wikoff will be working with inkjet integrators and in-house engineers to help in the advancement and expansion of energy-cure inkjet printing into new and unique markets. 

Wikoff Color Inkjet Facility Attributes:

  • HVAC system that uses sophisticated airflow control to prevent potential airborne contaminates from entering clean zones.
  • Inks are filtered and packaged in a cleanroom environment into cleaned and sealed containers to eliminate any chance of outside contamination. 
  • Inks are manufactured and tested under tight process controls to meet every key product parameter to meet each customer’s specific requirements. 
  • Employees are required to dress out in non-shedding cleanroom attire with hairnets and gloves. 
  • Cleanroom rated ceiling tiles that do not shed or produce contaminates. 
  • Ground and polished floors to minimize dust and debris providing smooth cleaning surfaces.


Wikioff Color Corp.