CPP EXPO Show Management announces that Masterwork Machinery Co., Ltd. will be a featured exhibitor at CPP EXPO, taking place September 8‐12, 2013 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. 
Masterwork Machinery’s products include a full line of high‐tech converting/package printing and finishing solutions, supplying modules that provide great flexibility and customization has become a hallmark of their offerings. During the past 18 years, its strategy has evolved to become an innovative provider of never‐before‐seen solutions, including high‐precision, high‐speed automatic die cutting machines, high‐precision automatic platen foil stamping and die-cutting machines, high‐speed folding and gluing machines, digital quality inspections systems, to name a few.

CPP EXPO – Online Registration Now Open!

For those interested in attending CPP EXPO and viewing Masterwork Machinery’s equipment, please note that CPP EXPO’s Online Registration is now open – visit www.cppexpo.com and click on Register Now. The full educational program is now available online. Registering in advance offers considerable savings.
Masterwork Machinery
+86 22 26978899