FP has a reader who is looking for the following:
  • Stand-up gusset printed pouch  
  • Food grade inner liner (product does contain some moisture/oil) 
  • Easy open and reclosable zipper
  • Recyclable and landfill-friendly 
  • No packager needed
  • No graphic designer needed
“We would need a company that can do small runs. It's important that the company be AIB certified. If they can offer sample sizes of their pouches, that would be great, so that we can see which size works best for our product.” 
This is a new, small company looking to begin packaging their food into your package.  
If you think your company is capable of this, please email Editor-in-chief Erin J. Wolford regarding this business opportunity, wolforde@bnpmedia.com, and we will connect you with our reader.