As the flexible packaging industry continues to grow, shrink sleeves are becoming a more popular packaging option. A shrink sleeve is a 360 degree tube that shrinks with heat or steam to fit around containers of various shapes. Shrink sleeves can be designed to either cover an entire product container or only a portion of the container. 
Numerous industries are gravitating towards shrink including food/beverage, health/beauty, nutraceutical/pharmaceutical, industrial and more. The beverage industry in particular has been releasing high volumes of shrink sleeves as they are a completely waterproof application. Dion Label Printing purchased new shrink sleeve and inspection equipment back in the winter of 2012 and has since grown within the flexible packaging industry.
Consumers will continue to transition to shrink sleeve products as it allows for more design space and artwork than a traditional label. Label printing companies  will work with your company to understand project details and provide shrink sleeve solutions from the initial packaging phase through production and finishing. Single serve products and small sample size containers are ideal for shrink to maximize your design space. 
Shrink sleeves can also help to gain attention on the shelf versus saturated packaging techniques and are ideal for limited shelf space. Eco-friendly consumers will like that the entire packaging may be recycled and is energy efficient. Many label printing companies also offer more non-conventional ways to use shrink sleeves such as wrapping two product containers together for convenience based packaging.
Brand managers prefer shrink sleeves as they are a “one stop shop” for packaging. Because shrink sleeves are a single sleeve that covers the entire container, they are preferred over other forms of packaging which might involve two or more components, such as an outer carton. Being a single packaging product can also improve supply chain management by reducing overall costs for raw materials. 
Shrink sleeves are a new and innovative type of packaging that can easily be incorporated into product lines and manipulated based on existing artwork. Label printing companies work with customers to easily transition current label artwork and packaging to shrink sleeves including prototyping and necessary testing. 
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