With recent investments in equipment, personnel and resources, T.H.E.M. is rapidly repositioning itself as a broader, more multi-faceted resource for consumer brands seeking single-serve packaging solutions. 
T.H.E.M. has substantially expanded its contract packaging or stick packs, in terms of both capacity and capabilities. The company has erected additional humidity-controlled packaging suites at its FDA-approved, Marlton, NJ based facility. Now with a total of eight packaging suites that accommodate single lane and up to 24-lane high-speed stick pack production, T.H.E.M. is geared for flexibility. The company can meet stick volume requirements from 10,000 units up to much larger runs of 100 million plus packs, in not only powder, but liquid and paste formats as well.
“We’ve seen steadily growing interest by marketers of both liquid food  and beverage  products in flexible stick packs,” comments Tom Martin, T.H.E.M.’s new VP of business development. Martin, who recently joined the company to support its expanding contract business, brings over 35 years of packaging experience to T.H.E.M. “We also see significant growth potential for direct-to-mouth energy and nutritional applications in North America,” Martin added. The company is working on plans that would virtually double its current liquid stick packaging capacity to accommodate anticipated launch demand.
In addition to flexible sticks, T.H.E.M.’s expanded in-house capabilities now include high-speed liquid filling of pouches and packettes, with output rates of 250 products per minute per lane. Pouch and packette production includes three- and four-sided seal configurations for product capacities ranging from 1 to 70ml. “Pouch and packet filling significantly broadens the range of formats we can offer customers,” Martin comments. “In many ways, this was a very natural evolution for T.H.E.M., and aligns perfectly with our core expertise in single-serve packaging.” As part of a turnkey solution, T.H.E.M. also manages raw material intake, secondary packaging operations, and pack out for distribution.
At a recent industry conference, T.H.E.M. announced that the company will be introducing a unique line of rigid pouch and blister packs, further diversifying its range of single-serve offerings. Neil Kozarsky, T.H.E.M.’s CEO and president commented, “Our success has always been defined by our ability to rapidly identify and create access to emerging technologies. We’re opening up options and opportunities for our North American customers, as we expose them to new packaging formats, solutions, and resources that will give their brands a decisive market advantage.”
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