Comexi Group, specialist in machinery solutions for the conversion of flexible packaging industry, has arrived to an agreement with the French company Next Flexible for the sale of a Comexi Flexo F2 WBP printing system, which will be installed for the production in its Clairembal center in Soyaux.

The most important novelty of the Comexi Flexo F2 is the possibility of printing with water-based ink with high speed, both on the obverse and reverse, maintaining the impression quality of the Comexi Flexo F2 printing system itself. The printing system with water-base ink is completely environmentally friendly, more sustainable and efficient and provides every single quality that Clairembal needs to enlarge his machinery park.

Besides, this water-based printing system incorporates other of the latest innovations from Comexi Group regarding the improvement of ergomomics, the reduction of material waste and the time dedicated to the work changes or to the solvent-free lamination with traditional systems (process that, until now, was impossible to carry out with water-based printed material).

The Comexi Flexo F2 acquired this year by Clairembal will be the second printing system adapted to Comexis Group water-based inks after the one that the French company bought in 2009. The great results obtained with the first 10- colours’ water- based ink printing system have brought Clairembal to acquire another one with this kind of technology.

Next Flexible, specialist in the fabrication of printed packaging in high-definition flexography, works with six printing systems and 20 processing lines both in the centers of Clairembal in Soyaux and Datys in Velluire.

The business relationship between Comexi Group and Clairembal started back in the seventies. Since then, the French company has acquired more than 25 equipments from Comexi Group. With this last purchase, Clairembal wants to achieve excellence through innovation and efficiency being also environmentally-friendly, pursuing the same objectives as the Catalan company.


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