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Scientists at Nofima are participating in a major EU-financed project in which “active” packaging based on raw materials from shrimp shell improves and conserves food products – and after use the packaging biodegrades. Environmentally stubborn plastic is getting competition from biodegradable packaging made of chitin and chitosan from shrimp shell.
New research from a research institute in Prague led to a global patent (MAVI) on nanofiber based on chitin, which opens new possibilities for chitin as an ingredient in biopolymers to replace plastic.
The products range from hard bioplastic, which is just as robust as other plastics, to thin film that can come in direct contact with food products. The aim of the
Chitopack project is to expand on the positive properties of chitin nanofiber in the development of new food packaging. The packaging is biocompatible, 100 percent naturally biodegradable and satisfies EU requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises. This project will contribute to increased competitiveness in the market and to solving environmental challenges.
Article Credit: Nofima (The Food Research Institute)