ITW Muller Wrap N' Ship ProgramITW Muller, manufacturer of both innovative stretch wrap equipment and high quality stretch wrap film, introduces its Wrap n’ Ship Program. The program provides new customers with up to 20 percent in savings when purchasing a GW-1200 Turntable Stretch Wrapper or a GW-4100 Robotic Pallet Wrapper with a film commitment.

“Handwrapping pallets is a very common method for securing loads. The program helps new customers incorporate some level of automation at an affordable cost since they are already purchasing film to hand wrap,” says Michael Klear, marketing director at ITW Muller.
To qualify for the stretch wrapper savings, customers must commit to an 8-pallet minimum annual purchase of the company’s GaleWrap Oriented film- another advantage of the program since the Oriented film is more efficient than conventional or pre-stretch film of equal gauge. For example, GaleWrap Oriented film rolls are 50 percent lighter than conventional 70-gauge films and easier to maneuver, which reduce the risk of injury. Oriented film is also more consistent, with no variability on film use. Users are ensured the same film cost per load, for every load, over the life of the machine. Unlike conventional machine film, GaleWrap’s Oriented film is also unaffected by cold temperatures, requires no carriage maintenance and has great puncture resistance- if punctured, it will not propagate or zipper.  Lastly, the film comes with GaleWrap’s signature attributes; hemmed edges and Post Wrap Contraction features. The films edges are literally doubled (or hemmed).  This ensures the film won’t break or tear if the roll is dropped or falls- a common incident in most facilities. The Post Wrap Contraction will ensure the film continues to ‘contract’ around the load even after the load has been wrapped.
“Not only does the program give you a high quality yet cost-effective machine but also better film,” says Klear. “It’s a win- win.”
ITW Muller equipment is also known for maintaining world class standards and the two machine options available in the program are no exception. The GW-1200 turntable pallet wrapper can wrap 20 loads per hour with a 90” wrapping height and 65” turntable diameter. It also boasts an adjustable wrap pattern and has a 4,400 lb weight capacity. The GW- 4100 robotic pallet wrapper boasts speeds up to 300 loads per day and comes standard with a telescoping mast that allows for easy mobility, accommodating loads up to 7’5”high (91”). Its built-in film cutter cuts film at completion of wrap cycles and minimizes risk of operator injury. In addition, the GW-4100 has an independent top and bottom wrap pattern selection from 1-20 wraps. With a height adjustable mast, the GW-4100 can easily move around a warehouse and is easy to install, often up and running within minutes of installation. The technology is efficient and flexible- it can perform 300 loads per charge, comes pre-set with 99 wrap cycles and can be programed with an unlimited number of options.
From easy access to automation to greater film quality, ITW Muller’s Wrap n’ Ship program is the perfect solution for those looking to improve productivity and reduce waste. With low upfront cost and flexible equipment, it also is virtually risk-free.
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