Exhibiting in booth #3044 on September 8 – 13 at Print 13, RBP Chemical Technology will launch its new Intellicon line of ultra-concentrated chemistry products.Printers in the coldset, heatset and UV sheetfed markets can now reduce fountain solution consumption by an estimated 50 to 80 percent when using Intellicon products. 

Intellicon’s Liquid Gold and Concept 21 brands enable printers to make more press mix with less fountain solution, thereby reducing a company’s overall consumables cost.  More efficient to ship, handle and store than traditional pre-mixed fountain solutions, Intellicon offers numerous logistical advantages to the print customer. 

Package-to-Press Solutions Save Shipping Costs and Storage Space

“From freight cost and floor space savings to direct pump distribution, Intellicon is a new way to deliver a well-proven product to press,” says Mark Heimerl, director of print sales and marketing at RBP.  “All the ingredients have been concentrated into a more user-friendly, longer-lasting product. Intellicon is truly an on-demand, direct-from-the-package delivery system that allows press operators to pump what they need, when they need it, while still achieving the same great press results as with pre-mixed solutions.”
Due to their modest container size, Intellicon products consume less storage space and are easier to handle than pre-mixed fountain solutions. Concentrates utilize much smaller packaging, resulting in reduced freight costs that are passed along to the customer. The products can also be individually drop-shipped rather than skidded, which is beneficial for shipping to hard-to-reach destinations.

Homogeneous Solutions Eliminate Waste

Liquid Gold’s ultra-concentrated, homogeneous solutions in the Intellicon line incorporate the latest chemical technology for newsprint and coldset applications and are available in both mild acid and neutral formulas (Liquid Gold i-MA and Liquid Gold i-N). The fountain solutions can be pumped directly from their original containers with no additional steps required or printers have the flexibility to reconstitute the solutions to any desired amount onsite. Liquid Gold i-MA and Liquid Gold i-N are completely adjustable, allowing a press operator to mix and use only the amount of fountain solution needed at any given time by following a simple formula. Liquid Gold is well-known for providing superior ink and water control to produce cleaner, sharper print quality with fewer toning and emulsification issues. Specially formulated to work on all types of dampening systems, including spray and turbo, Liquid Gold comes in various pack sizes – 5, 10, 20, 55  and 330-gallon containers – and is compatible with most pressroom pumps. 

Ultra-Concentrates Cater to Color Quality

The Concept 21 ultra-concentrated chemistry fountain solution system is a unique color management tool designed specifically for managing print characteristics and performance on-press in the heatset web and UV sheetfed web markets. The system dramatically reduces consumption compared to traditional fountain solutions, decreasing an operation’s annual spend. Pre-measured and pre-set, Concept 21’s two-part formula is delivered by precision blending technology via a dual pump system that enables press operators to manufacture their own specific fountain solution onsite to meet individual press needs. This extremely versatile system can handle different presses, inks, papers and plates without the need for storing or handling new chemistry. Concept 21 provides concise color management in the pressroom by helping printers control ink/water balance more precisely and print cleaner, more consistent color job to job.
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