Printpack Inc. is moving forward with a $66 million expansion of its local facilities and the addition of 20 new jobs first announced back in February.

The business employs around 500 people across four facilities at its local campus. The expansion includes 48,000 square feet of new warehousing space and 6,000 square feet of new office space at the company’s original building, plus the replacement of all manufacturing equipment in the facility.
While the announcement was made very early in the process, the expansion is now much closer to getting started.
Doug Cook, Printpack’s director of engineering, spoke to the Villa Rica Planning and Zoning Commission during its meeting on Tuesday.
Cook said the dollar amount to be spent on the facility will actually be $72.6 million.
“The industry we are in is fairly capital intensive,” he says. “We have relatively low margins and spend lots of time reinvesting to find ways to get efficiency up.”
Printpack’s location on Andrews Way in the industrial park means it will need to go west, toward Tumlin Lake, to expand. The company won’t encroach on a required 150-foot buffer on the lake after the project is finished, but it will get slightly closer during construction of a retaining wall, which was a concern for some commission members.
“Equipment will be in that area for probably 60 days and then erosion control will be there the entire length of the project,” says Cook.
John Mount asked about the company’s plans for revegetation. Cook said he didn’t have any information yet from the architect but said it wouldn’t be an issue.
Others on the commission were concerned about how long construction equipment would be on the site, but being assured the encroachment is temporary and the plan will need to get clearance from the district soil and water conservation office, the P&Z board passed the plan 5-0. It now moves on to the Villa Rica City Council, which will vote Tuesday.
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