Yerecic Label announces the environmental responsibility accomplishments the company has achieved in 2013. 
In the label industry, the biggest landfill issue is attributed to waste matrix, which is the excess material left after the die cuts each label separately. The company’s new Waste to Energy program invests in diverting excess production material from landfills and instead recycles it into energy resources.
With the purchase of a baler machine in early 2013, Yerecic has recycled over 670,000 pounds of waste into renewable energy. 
“The investment for this program is well worth it,” says Art Yerecic, president. “We felt a strong responsibility to create a positive change in the label industry.”
To assist its clients in their efforts to adopt more sustainable business practices, Yerecic created a sustainable on-pack label product line called YerecicGreen. This lineup includes renewable film, recyclable liners, recyclable compatible adhesives and recycled content face sheets.
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