fiber rollsAn extra-thick, outer epoxy layer on fiber rolls from Webex protects the roll’s strength layers of wound filaments while providing the ideal surface for custom roll treatments. The surface layer is made from a hardened gauze/epoxy winding, formed to thicknesses of .0020 to .0050 inches. This “sacrificial layer” allows the roll to be machined with grooves or other surface modifications to exacting tolerances, just like a steel or aluminum roll, without affecting the structural layers of carbon fiber winding. The added thickness provides a highly durable surface that, for most applications, does not require additional protective coatings. These custom rolls are also available with a sprayed application of metal, paint or silicone coatings to create a unique high-performance release surface. Available in both live and dead shaft designs, carbon fiber custom-coated rolls are lighter and stronger than conventional aluminum rolls of similar dimensions, and yield lower inertia ratings and lower breakaway torques.
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