The REM Model 3250-A is a general-purpose duplex slitter/rewinder ideally suited for razor, score or shear slitting narrow webs between 12-24 inches, wide and capable of converting a multitude of materials. The model 3250-A features automatic, minimum-gap and center-surface rewinding for processing webs at speeds up to 1,000 FPM with tension ranges down to 0.25 PLI. Slit widths are ¼-inch minimum. Available with rewind diameters to 24 inches. Programmed differential and locked core winding methods are standard as well as cantilevered flange rewind shafts for interchangeability to other sizes. Includes an integral splice table and unwind stand with 3-inch air shaft, pneumatic brake, automatic edge guide, and constant control of unwind tension.
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