Macro coextrusion die, K 2013Plastic film and sheet extrusion systems supplier Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. will introduce its latest coextrusion die for extruding high barrier multilayer films at the K 2013 Trade Fair.
The new die for coextruding barrier films up to 11 layers can be used to produce structures using any barrier material including PA (Nylon), EVOH, PETG and PVdC. The optimized design of the FlatPack die, which features round flow channels throughout, streamlines the flow of polymer to optimize residence time distribution and shorten residence time. This reduced residence time virtually eliminates interfacial instability making the die more versatile for a wider range of film structures. The die also features shortened purging times, allowing processors to perform faster product changeovers with reduced scrap generation.
“Over the past year we have revamped our extrusion die department”, states Jim Stobie, CEO at Macro. “Our objective is to provide more versatile extrusion dies to flexible film producers; dies that allow users to manufacture a broader range of products while being more reliable and with less down time. We’ve invested in our rheology and engineering personnel to drive that innovation. We’ve refocused our blown film die offering; upgraded our CenterPack die, and are excited to launch our new FlatPack die in October”.
The FlatPack die offers improvements in residence time and purging over previous Macro die designs. For example, a 9-layer FlatPack configuration has been shown to reduce residence time up to 30% and shorten purging time by 20 percent. The FlatPack also gives processors the added flexibility to allow major film structure adjustments by swapping layers, such as reconfiguring a A/B/C/D/E structure to A/C/D/B/E.
The die boasts a short height and is available up to 760 mm die diameter.
K 2013 presentation will be on barrier films with emphasis on the various extrusion technologies available to produce them. On display at Macro’s booth will be a 9-layer CenterPack coextrusion die, which Macro recently upgraded to improve processing versatility and reduce residence time.
Macro will be located in Hall 16 at Stand B06.
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