Under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, the jury of the German Packaging Award has once again produced a strong field of participants and nominated 54 outstanding innovative ideas and solutions from home and abroad for the German Packaging Award 2013. 

On the 50th anniversary of this prestigious competition, the German Packaging Institute is presenting alongside this year's nominees, award winning packaging solutions from five decades in an online gallery. Visitors are invited to express their opinion and rating under www.packagingaward.de.
The announcement and awarding of the winners in 2013 will take place at a public gala in Nuremberg, Germany on September 23.
For the German Packaging Award 2013, a total of 232 packing solutions were submitted in six categories. Founded in 1963, the German Packaging Award was conceived as a showcase competition promoting innovative ideas and developments for consumer, market and environment.
Burkhard Lingenberg, board member of the German Packaging Institute (dvi) and overall responsible for the German Packaging Award, is delighted not only about the consistently high level of submissions, but also about the increasing internationalization of this industry award. The participants hail from 12 countries in this anniversary year, from Germany and Switzerland, Russia and the UK through to Iran.
"With the increasing coverage of course, the attention and importance of the Packaging Award also increases," states Lingenberg. "The basis is, however, always the remarkable innovation that characterizes our very diverse and increasingly important industry. The enterprises along the packaging supply chain are obviously doing an excellent job in their research and development departments."
Among the nominations in 2013, there are packaging machinery; bottles and jugs, tubes, boxes, bags, cans, tubes and wrap-arounds made of metal, plastic, glass, recycled and composite materials; reusable containers for industrial goods; sales, storage and transport packaging; solutions for films and closures; to-go systems and zero-packaging solutions, where the packaging is part of the product.

A wide range of innovations

The nominated innovations cover a wide range and offer new possibilities for the conscious and sustainable use of resources, e.g. improved management of empties and resealing or the saving of raw materials, materials, energy and labour. They enable targeted sales promotion by providing opportunities for individualisation and differentiation, increase convenience and benefits to consumers in terms of usability, handling, multi-functionality, secondary use, safety and emotion or show ingeniously simple ways to overcome current technical limitations and open up new fields of application. New ways to increase efficiency can be found as well as uses for recycled materials, solutions for food safety, closed material loops from cradle-to-cradle or vegetable-based raw materials, which are not in food or in competition with the growing of food crops.
Among the nominees are eight from the category displays and promotional packaging, seven from transportation and logistics packaging, three packaging machines, one submission from the category labels and closures as well as 29 sales packaging (five for drinks, six for cosmetics and hygiene, nine for food and pet food, three for pharmaceuticals & medicine, two for washing, cleaning & detergent and four for the rest). In the area of young talent, the jury awarded six nominations. The German Packaging Institute is showing all the nominees in images and the summary text of the jury at www.packagingaward.de.
The winners are determined among the nominees by a points system. The German Packaging Awards are delivered and awarded during a ceremony held on 23rd September in Nuremberg, Germany. The dvi cordially invites participants and fans to this "special meeting of the industry". More information can be found on the German Packaging Award website where visitors can travel through time and view the development of packaging solutions over the last 50 years of packaging innovations as well as rate their favorites.
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