Brampton blown film lineThe market proven Aquafrost blown film line from Brampton Engineering rapidly quenches the blown film in a water bath, preventing the formation of crystalline structures. The resulting film has gloss and haze qualities that are superior to those achieved with a cast film process, making it ideal for retail packaging and medical applications. In tests undertaken in partnership with leading resin companies it was proven that this type of film has many advantages over both conventional blown and cast films; including excellent tensile strength, elongation characteristics and puncture resistance. Aquafrost blown film performs significantly better than cast film for thermoformed packaging; not only are the packs more visually appealing, they have a greater draw depth and higher puncture resistance enabling more product to be packed. The absence of odor makes an Aquafrost film an ideal replacement for PVC, whilst the high gloss finish and ease of conversion to bags and pouches makes the film highly attractive to the food industry.
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