slitter/ rewinderComexi Group has introduced CingularLaser technology to the slitting and rewinding equipment from its Comexi Proslit range. With this new laser technology, in-line processes where laser systems are used will be performed more efficiently. Common in-line laser processes include micro- and macro perforations for the transmission of CO2 in packaging for fruit and vegetables; easy-open systems for different types of packaging such as stand-up-pouches; the numbering of promotional offers; expiry dates and the printing of alphanumeric codes. Thanks to the incorporation of this technology, Comexi Group’s slitting and rewinding machines can add easy-open systems to packaging, using discontinuous or continuous lines in cross or web direction at speeds of 200 to 400 meters per minute depending on the system; and they can add barcodes, QR codes or numbers to different types of materials. Designed and integrated by Comexi Proslit, CingularLaser heralds a new trend in in-line laser processes so that they evolve from a packaging process to a converting one.
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