web gauging sensorProducers of plastic films, extrusion coatings, blown films and non-woven fabrics can now collect accurate thickness and moisture data, improve productivity, and achieve greater raw materials savings with a new full-spectrum infrared (IR) web-gauging sensor and accompanying software. The Thermo Scientific Prosis IR process analysis sensor uses full-spectrum IR light to analyze materials on the line, providing web gauging users with highly precise, multi-component thickness data that improves production quality and reduces waste. Precise thickness measurement using IR is essential to hundreds of industrial processes around the world, including: 
  • Food packaging materials analysis
  • Nonwoven materials analysis, used in healthcare and personal hygiene markets 
  • Optical films analysis used in the electronics market, and for a variety of coatings on metal coils
Unlike conventional filter wheel IR sensors, the Prosis sensor analyzes the full spectral response of the near-infrared range, distinguishing between polymers with very similar characteristics. Customers using the instrument have indicated that this non-contact gauging technology improves production quality, increases saleable product and saves raw materials. 
The Prosis sensor is fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific 21 Plus measurement and control system. It will replace the existing Spectrabeam FSIR sensor family.
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