Do you despise a package that just won’t open correctly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In addition to a package that is durable and capable of keeping its product fresh, consumers demand packages that are easy to open. At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013, Dow Performance Packaging will launch its latest adhesive and coating technologies to elevate packaging materials September 23 – 25.
“At Dow, we understand how frustrating a bad package can be. What could be worse than realizing you can’t open your cereal bag, or discovering that your recently purchased produce has spoiled?” says Nancy Smith, North America marketing manager of food and specialty Packaging for Dow Performance Plastics. “Solving these every day frustrations motivates Dow to improve existing packaging technologies. We are excited to show off our newest products at PACK EXPO because they offer a variety of benefits that can improve the daily lives of consumers.”
At the packaging industry’s premier trade event, Dow will be showcasing two products within their ADCOTE ahesives and coatings family. ADCOTE L 74-112 Adhesive is a non-isocyanate curing solvent based adhesive. The adhesive delivers no interference from retained solvents and can be used in a variety of packaging applications. ADCOTE L 76-185 Adhesive provides higher running solids, a lower tendency to foam in application, a more stable mixed pot life and offers improved performance for retort applications providing improved adhesion to oxide coated barrier films and resistance to the most aggressive foodstuff. For example, pouches made with ADCOTE L 76-185 exhibit blemish free surfaces weeks after retorting when filled with vinegar, or mixtures of ketchup, oil and vinegar.
In addition to the two ADCOTE adhesive grades, Dow Performance Packaging will also be highlighting MOR-FREE L82-105/C33 solventless adhesive. It is a two-component, aliphatic-polyurethane adhesive that delivers a fast room temperature cure with no need for a hot room. This benefit gives converters energy and space savings. The product can be used in a variety of flexible food packaging applications, including higher temperature applications.
To round out Dow Performance Packaging’s line up of adhesive products at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013, Dow will showcase LAMAL 90-103 adhesive. The urethane cure alternative can be used in a variety of packaging applications including snack food packaging, coffee pouch laminations and industrial lamination barriers. The adhesive prevents out-gassing for high barrier lamination applications and reduces the amount of interactions needed with inks’ alcohol components.
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