Parkside compostable barrier laminate labelAfter years of research, development and live trials Parkside is pleased to announce it is the first, and currently the only, manufacturer of printed flexible packaging to be able to offer the environmentally conscious brand owner and packer a barrier triplex laminate accredited under EN13432 Industrial Standard which requires at least 90 percent of the packaging to disintegrate within 12 weeks.

The pack accredited under Vincotte has seen Parkside work closely with specialist base material manufacturer Innovia Films to develop this unique product, which fills a vital gap in the market. The Flexographically printed metalized laminate can be used in a variety of applications where an oxygen and moisture barrier are required to give prolonged shelf life for the contents.
This innovative new material is the first of a whole range of Compostable laminate products that Parkside are developing which will be specifically tailored to meet the environmental demands of packer, retailer and consumer. With manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, Parkside are able to offer this finished product on a global basis.
This world leading development means that Parkside customers have the option to move away from current laminate structures that can only be disposed of through either landfill or incineration, the pioneering structure will be printed with the Vincotte OK Compost logo which means it can enter the waste stream through Bio-waste collection, which is becoming more widely prevalent with local authorities; for final disposal through industrial composting sites or anaerobic digestion.  
“This achievement is a huge step forward in barrier laminate technology and is the first of a string of environmentally aware products we plan to launch," says Steve McCormick, managing director of Parkside Specialty Division. "As a company Parkside understand that the demand for compostable packaging will continue to grow across the globe and we see ourselves in a very strong position to advise on and service demands in this area”.
“This now offers a real alternative to the environmentally conscious manufacturer who wants great product quality with a bio friendly compostable pack” says Lawrence Dall, Parkside’s chairman.
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