Converters looking for inks that provide high print quality and color strength can now benefit from Sun Chemical’s SunVisto Advantage HS, a new ink that delivers both superior print quality and the pH stability needed for corrugated stocks.
“Brand owners are increasingly demanding higher graphic quality on standard corrugated linerboards,” says Tony Renzi, vice president of product management packaging inks at North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “With the new SunVisto Advantage HS, converters can achieve excellent print quality for their customers while also improving their internal pressroom productivity as fewer adjustments to pH levels need to be made during long runs. The strengths of Advantage HS inks create a win-win situation for both the converter and the end-user.”
SunVisto Advantage HS inks provide for higher color strength for use with higher line aniloxes and eliminate the need for special GCMI color matches when added strength is required to hit GCMI color targets. The Advantage HS inks are also 40-50 percent stronger than conventional mid-grade GCMI inks.
The ink line increases pressroom productivity by reducing the need for pH adjustments during long press runs. Contrary to typical water-based inks which lose pH during long press runs and lead to dirty print and ink build-up, SunVisto Advantage HS inks eliminate the concern of pH control from the beginning to the end of a production run.
Designed for mid-level to high-end graphics for most paper stock, SunVisto Advantage HS inks provide exceptional print quality for both single and multi-color jobs on standard corrugated linerboards and substantially increase the ease of  clean-up compared to similar inks.
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