Jemmco web cleaningJemmco is pleased to announce its new component-style web cleaner. This unit houses a JemmTac pre-sheeted adhesive roll and is designed to mount over an existing idler roll that is covered with the company's proprietary JemmTac web-cleaning sleeve. The JemmTac web-cleaning sleeve effectively removes loose dirt and contaminants from the moving web. The JemmTac pre-sheeted adhesive paper is nipped onto the backside of the JemmTac sleeve, enabling it to continually clean the sleeve. The new JemmTac component-style web cleaner is available in web cleaning widths ranging from 6 inches to 80 inches and features a sturdy construction; easy adhesive roll changes and controls to move the adhesive roll into and out of position as needed. The compact design is intended to fit on most existing equipment without the need to make major changes to web paths or equipment. Combined with our highly effective JemmTac web-cleaning sleeve, the company says the JemmTac component-style web cleaner is the most economical solution to continuous web cleaning available. 



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