Mondi Americas will bring its new retort and hot-fill pouch design and production capabilities online to the North American marketplace in December 2013.

“Mondi Americas is bringing a dynamic new supply source for retort and hot fill pouches to North American packagers and brands,” Young adds. “Product consistency, extraordinary technical and design assistance, and short lead times will all be part of our retort pouch and hot fill product offering. Equally important, we will provide 100 percent inspection for every retort and hot fill pouch order.” 
Young notes that Mondi is known throughout Europe as a leading supplier of retort and hot fill pouches. “We will draw on Mondi Group’s R&D technical resources in Gronau, Germany to meet our customers’ most challenging retort and hot fill pouch applications,” he says of the technically demanding package constructions. “With retort pouches, especially, you have to produce a very complex structure, and pouch integrity has to prevent bacteria from entering. If the pouch does not seal properly or have the proper barrier, the contents can be compromised. Mondi Americas’ 100 percent inspection process is designed specifically to guard against such occurrences.”
Mondi Americas will provide custom solutions for both foil- and non-foil retort pouches. Non-foil retort pouches have the advantage of enabling packagers and brands to pass their products through metal detection equipment. Retort pouch applications include soup, canned goods, pet treats, rice, beans and tunafish.
Hot-fill applications include small-spouted pouches, such as 90 and 120 gm sizes, that are filled with a broad range of fruit and vegetable blends, such as applesauce, carrots, apple, parsnips, spinach, peas and pears, and berry blends. Hot-fill pouches are also recommended for high acid foods, such as tomatoes, and acidified foods (foods with  < 4.6 pH)  including salsa, along with foods having processing temperatures up to 205F.

New Lightweight Sprayer Pouch 

A new flexible bottle called sprayer pouch that features a flat bottom for exceptional shelf presentation, has excellent stiffness and offers reduced packaging weight compared with conventional bottles is now available from Mondi Americas. The patent-pending sustainable pouch employs less petroleum-based materials, consumes less energy in production and produces less waste than conventional blow-molded bottles.
The sprayer pouch is available in various laminate structures, ranging from a PET/PE laminate to foil-based multiple ply laminate structures. The package’s lightweight construction can help cut shipping and storage costs. For example, one truckload of empty blow-molded bottles can be replaced by one pallet of sprayer pouches. The sprayer pouch is recommended for pet care, household cleaners and detergents, and garden and industrial products.
The sprayer pouch is the newest addition to Mondi Americas’ large spout pouch line, joining the award-winning spout bag, as well as the spouted box bag and corner spouted stand-up pouch.

Sealing-Inspected, Small-Spouted Pouches

The small-spouted pouches, designed for use with baby food, yogurt, sports drinks and other consumer goods, are available in 90-gram and 120-gram sizes. They undergo 100 percent in-line inspection of the spout sealing area, offering users high assurance of leak-proof reliability. The pouches accommodate various fitments and spouts and can be ordered in hot fill and retort laminate designs. They are available in high quality rotogravure printing, the preferred printing process for small spouted pouches, and are designed for easy integration with users’ rail packaging systems.
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