Package printers looking for innovative ways to help their customers’ products stand out on the store shelves will be introduced to a full range of Sun Chemical products and services during Packprint 2013.

At booth #11, Sun Chemical will feature narrow web solutions, specialty coatings, inks for high-speed printing, digital plate technology and brand counterfeiting programs.
“Our customers want technologies that create eye-catching packaging quality while maintaining high-speed press operations. They are also looking for ways to differentiate their packaging on the shelves and maintain their brand’s integrity,” says Penny Holland, vice president of marketing at North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “During Packprint, we will show how Sun Chemical is working for our customers by offering products that address each of these key challenges in the industry.” 

Sun Chemical Inks and Coatings Meet Customer Requirements and Offer Packaging Appeal 

Sun Chemical will feature its Solaris System, a complete line of inks and coatings designed to meet all the printing needs of all narrow web and packaging printers. The full range includes products for virtually all narrow-web applications from self-adhesive and in-mold labels to wrap arounds, shrink sleeves, tubes, and food and pharmaceutical packaging. The global series of inks can be tailored to a printer’s specific needs no matter what substrate is utilized including: films, foils, papers, pressure-sensitive papers, plastics, vinyl, top-coated polyethylene, polypropylene, and more. 
Sun Chemical’s newest specialty coatings utilize sensory special effects to engage the human senses of sight, touch, and aroma. Using Sun Chemical’s SunInspire line of coatings, these special effects allow a customers’ product packaging to stand out on store shelves visually through: high luster metallic, fluorescent, glitter, pearlescent, as well as iridescent and soft touch or sandy feel finishes. 
Packaging can pop off the shelf with SunInspire tactile coatings ranging from coarse and gritty to soft and smooth. Other coatings in the line can create an interactive experience with color shifting, reticulating, and other aromatic coatings. 
Sun Chemical’s specialty inks and coatings allow customers to develop brand recognition through emotions by creating a visceral reaction, developing trademark scents for their customers’ packaging, creating a brand platform of product extensions, and bridging the gap between perception and reality.

SunGraphics HD Plate Technology Produces Packaging that Pops

Narrow web, tag and label and corrugated printers at the show will be introduced to SunGraphics high-definition flexographic plate technology, with Esko HD software and CDI high resolution imaging. Converters that utilize the HD printing plates can print with an image quality of up to 4,000 PPI resulting in expanded tonal range and wider color gamut to produce sharper more vibrant images and colors.
Printers will also see the new Flat-Top Dot technology that prints with 30 to 60 percent less impression sensitivity compared to standard digital plates, which allows for longer, cleaner, more consistent runs from beginning to end. 

SunSpectro Sunsharp Inks for High-Speed Printing

Developed for high-speed, wide web flexo presses of bread bags and frozen food packaging, Sun Chemical’s SunSpectro Sunsharp solvent-based inks are high gloss, resistant to water, fats and oils, and formulated for low odor and low viscosity for enhanced color strength. 
Alternatively, developed for flexographic printing on polyethylene film, SunSpectro Sunsharp HR solvent-based inks provide moderate heat resistance of up to 350 degrees, maintain excellent gloss, and are suitable for use with conventional and high-performance printing plates. Its clean printing and water resistance make it an ideal choice for printing on items such as plastic bags, shampoo bottles and milk containers.

Brand Protection Products Offer Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Sun Chemical can help booth visitors explore brand protection options to ensure the integrity of their packaging. Sun Chemical offers a variety of security solutions, including a proprietary infrared coding technology called Verigard, a security system that adds a small quantity of taggants, or chemical markers, to inks, varnishes or coatings for use in any print process on any substrate. There will be a team of brand protection experts at Sun Chemical’s booth to discuss the variety of covert, overt and semi-overt options Sun Chemical offers, including hidden logos or words and a variety of color changing inks.
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