Schur Star Systems has been awarded by the British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer Tesco with the "Tesco Value Award". Tesco awarded Schur for their flexible packaging concept and in recognition of its expert assistance to launch new flexible packages for plum tomatoes and sweet mini peppers.
Schur Star Systems develops innovative packaging solutions for better perceived products at the point-of-sale. The idea of “Fresh `n` Go” is a new solution to make fresh products such as fruits and vegetables much more attractive in supermarkets.
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Tesco points out that Schur Star Systems was the right partner to launch the new packages and products successfully and on time. The Tesco Value Awards are given to companies who strongly support Tesco’s core values, which include:
  • No one tries harder for customers
  • Understand customers
  • Be first to meet their needs
  • Act responsible for Tesco´s communities
  • Treat people how we like to be treated
Schur Star Systems
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