Clear Lam Packaging wins PMA packaging awardFor the second time in three years, Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. has been awarded a PMA Impact Award for Excellence in Packaging. Clear Lam collaborated with Ready Pac Foods, Inc. on the award-winning design for a Peel and ReSeal lidding film on a lettuce tray, which uses about one-third less plastic than trays with preformed rigid lids and shrink bands. Clear Lam and Ready Pac were among four other winners of the Impact Award announced Oct. 18 at the Fresh Summit 2013 in New Orleans.
The innovative Ready Pac Peel and Reseal lettuce trays reduce packaging weight and improve shipping cube enabling an extra layer of product to be stored and transported promoting fuel and other supply chain efficiencies. The Peel and ReSeal lid is easy to open and close while keeping the product fresh. Clear Lam and Ready Pac join four other companies in receiving the 2013 honor after a panel of judges narrowed the field from 86 submissions. Award entries were evaluated based on each entry’s impact on marketing, food safety, supply chain efficiency, sustainability excellence and consumer convenience.
“We are honored to have received this recognition from the Produce Marketing Association and are thankful for the continued collaboration with Ready Pac,” says James Sanfilippo, president and CEO of Clear Lam Packaging.  “An extensive amount of research and hard work has gone into making the Ready Pac Peel and ReSeal Lettuce Trays come to fruition. We’re pleased to see that the end result is a new package that offers added convenience to consumers while meeting corporate sustainability objectives.” 
Introduced in August 2012, the Ready Pac Peel and ReSeal lettuce trays feature a new lidding film technology that provides intuitive recloseability while eliminating plastic, reducing transportation and warehouse costs and helping to extend shelf life as compared to traditional lettuce trays with rigid lids and shrink bands. 
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