In Skarbimierz Osiedele, in Southern Poland about 25 miles south-east of  the city of Wroclaw, Wipak has officially put into operation a new factory. This factory focuses on the processing and finishing of high-quality composite films for the food industry and for the health care market.
High-quality printed packages are setting the trend in Eastern Europe. In order to meet the constantly high demand, the new factory in Poland focuses on the production, the printing and laminating of top quality composite films for the food industry and for the health care market.

Strategic Milestone 

During the opening speech, Antti Aarnio-Wihuri, Chairman of the Wihuri Board, called this opening an “important milestone for the development of the Wipak Group“. For Matti Rovamaa, Wipak's Vice President & General Manager, the new factory offers ideal conditions to support the Wipak Group's growth strategy in the rapidly growing East European markets.

Modern Platform for Further Growth

The cornerstone has been laid in December 2012. Now a factory has started to operate “which is technically state-of-the-art and which sets the industrial standards“, says Mika Surakka, Wipak Polska's managing director. Wipak's new factory in Skarbimierz covers the entire spectrum. “Our customers benefit from the additional capacities, the technical capabilities and a constantly high quality“, Surakka says. “Our packaging materials meet all international  hygiene and food standards“. The factory furthermore serves as an important platform for service and support. “We are closer to our customers, we can extend our service portfolio and respond to individual requests quickly and flexibly“. And: The site has sufficient potential for further growth.
Wipak Group Management