Elgin, Ill.—Multifilm was one of 27 Illinois companies and organizations that were honored at the 2013 Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award ceremony for significant achievements in protecting the environment, helping sustain the future and improving the economy. Multifilm has undertaken several sustainability projects within the last few years, which have helped the company become environmentally friendly, efficient and profitable. Multifilm was honored because of its geo-thermal process cooling and HVAC system, its zero waste-to-landfill mission, and several other initiatives.
The geothermal system utilizes renewable energy, is completely Freon-free, has reduced the company’s energy consumption and has also lowered the overall carbon footprint. Multifilm’s Zero Waste to Landfill program has allowed the company to downgrade from a 42-yard compactor emptied twice a week to an 8-yard dumpster emptied once a week.
Since 1987, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center has presented Governor’s awards to organizations in Illinois that have demonstrated a commitment to environmental excellence through outstanding and innovative sustainability practices. This was the first Governor’s Sustainability Award for Multifilm Packaging Corp.
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