Ecolean juice drink packagingPackaging manufacturer Ecolean Air Aseptic has developed a new, lightweight package for Orangina-Schweppes’ portable juice drink, P’tit Oasis. With an air-filled handle and straw attached, the 200-ml package caters to the juice drink’s target group—kids and teenagers.

Ecolean’s new package offers an alternative for young consumers. Not only is it flexible and easy to use, but it also has a low environmental impact since it uses a reduced amount of resources.

“We are delighted that the French market leader in juice drinks launches the P’tit Oasis in our Ecolean Air Aseptic package. It is a breakthrough in Western Europe and we look forward to a long-term relationship,” says Peter L. Nilsson, CEO of Ecolean.

P’tit Oasis is sold in cartons of eight packages and is being distributed in 80 per cent of all retail stores in France and Belgium.


Ecolean Air Aseptic