Triple Crown Whiskey flexible pouches
McCormick Distilling unveils the latest of its liquid jewels designed to add prestige and cachet to Americans' stockings this year. Introducing Triple Crown whiskey, the ultimate in liquid luxury and the first-ever North American whiskey to offer innovative single- and double-serve flexible pouches.
"America is in the throes of an undeniable love affair with whiskey," says Vic Morrison, vice president of marketing at McCormick Distilling. "With its superior taste and exceptional value, Triple Crown is set to rival all other whiskies, particularly during the holiday season as we celebrate convenient packaging and seasonal recipes."
Dubbed the "U.S. Whiskey Boom," global brands are continuing to see strong sales going into the annual holiday rush as a result of industry innovation, particularly from North American whiskies. Triple Crown has already won awards for taste and innovation and is poised for success considering the 20 percent sales increase whiskey categories have experienced in the past year alone.
From whiskey-glazed potatoes to candy-apple sours, Triple Crown has America's holiday whiskey needs officially covered with seasonal recipes and the introduction of their single and double serve flexible pouches. Flat, light and leak proof, these pouches are the perfect stocking stuffer, especially for those who love to camp, tailgate, or just rip and sip!
"Bulky bottles and broken glass are a thing of the past with our flexible pouches, which fit easily into your pocket and lay flat on top of packed coolers," says Morrison.
Now hitting shelves in 38 states and counting, Triple Crown is retailing for approximately $1.99 for single serve pouches, $2.99 for double serve pouches, $19.99 for a 750ml bottle, $23.99 for 1L and $36.99 for 1.75L.
McCormick Distilling Co.