grain-free dog food pouchVelcro Industries, a technology-driven, global organization providing connection solutions for businesses and consumers around the world, today announced its partnership with premium pet food maker, Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Velcro Industries worked with Hill’s to integrate Press-Lok closure technology into some pet food packaging to ensure an easy, consumer friendly experience.

A unique solution in the industry, the Press-Lok closure is simple to open and close because it contains an easy alignment that allows the hooks to engage without precise line-up, securing closure with great burst strength to maintain the package integrity that Hill’s Science Diet customers expect. Additionally, Press-Lok closure has an audible click, allowing consumers to hear their pet food packages open and close, ensuring a tight seal, even if kibble crumbs get on the fastener surface. TheVelcro Brand Press-Lok closure system is a proprietary hook-to-hook technology that can work for a wide variety of packaging closure scenarios.


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