Valéron Strength Films, a division of the worldwide Illinois Tool Works group, announces the development and installation of its new film extrusion line. The high quality, cross-laminated, specialty film solutions customers have come to expect from Valéron are still being produced today. The new blow line was incorporated to improve overall manufacturing efficiencies and produce even better film.
“We built the line to produce higher-quality film with significant improvements in accuracy and efficiency- improving our ranking of good manufacturing practices and clean production processes,” says Mr. Luc Geven, system engineer at Valéron. “In short, the new production line only brings advantages.”
More than ever the name Valéron stands for smart and efficient solutions. The newly produced specialty film solutions will continue to offer superior strength, tear and puncture resistance ideal for applications throughout the construction, packaging, tag and label and other specialized industrial markets. In addition, the blow line will further enable Valéron create new solutions to meet current and future market needs- where quality, flexibility and durability will be increasingly important.
"The 'strength' of Valéron is its capability to innovate today’s performance film segment, starting from a product that Valéron knows and masters better than anyone else: our cross-laminated film. It is our mission to constantly improve its quality in order to create new capabilities,” says Umesh Mishra, general manager of Valéron Strength Films. “I gladly invite our partners to join us in the search for new solutions. With the cross-laminated film quality of today we are perfectly prepared for new markets, new developments and new challenges.” 
Valéron Strength Films
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