Parkinson Technologies, Inc. announces that its facility expansion, necessary to accommodate its continued growth, will be completed ahead of schedule. The expansion will double the company’s machinery assembly capacity and give Parkinson the flexibility to increase output of individual machines and integrated production systems for its global customer base. 
“Maintaining top-tier manufacturing capabilities means being able to consistently adapt to the needs of our customer base,” says Parkinson Technologies President and CEO Peter Termyn. “We’ve been beyond full capacity for awhile, and it was time to grow our physical capabilities to mirror customer demand. This expansion will allow us to take on more large-scale projects while also accelerating build times over the full scope of our product lines.”
Parkinson Technologies’ growth is driven by unique capabilities in developing systems and process technology for plastics biaxial and uniaxial orientation, extrusion melt filtration, primary winding, and slitting/rewinding converting systems for applications across diverse industries. In 2008, Parkinson acquired the assets of The John Dusenbery® Company and has since infused new life into the brand, which has flourished under the Parkinson umbrella. 
“Parkinson is a forward-thinking company that’s committed to continuously making our customers’ production processes faster, simpler, and safer,” Termyn says. “Investing once again in our manufacturing operations demonstrates that this commitment is stronger than ever, and we’re excited to have reached another important milestone in our company’s evolution.” 
Parkinson Technologies, Inc.
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