Progressive Recovery, Inc. has announced that the will be attending the 2014 Converters Expo in Green Bay, Wis. Booth B112 is the designated stop for packaging printing professionals if they plan to meet with the sales and management team at Progressive Recovery, Inc. in March 2014.

PRI has announced the second in a series of trade show appearances scheduled for the 2014 calendar year. The Converters Expo as it is known in the paper, film and nonwovens converters and supplies, is a one day event held in Green Bay, WI, on March13, 2014.

The Progressive Recovery lineup of Automated Press Parts Washers, Solvent Management and Recycling Systems are the industry’s premium standard for safety and dependability and are sure to be a topic of attention with show attendees. To survive and succeed in today’s intensely competitive printing industry; converters must meet their customer’s high expectations for printing quality and economy, while at the same time satisfying increasingly stringent plant safety standards and environmental regulations. The cleaning of press parts is a key variable affecting the productivity and profits of any printing operation. Successful printers need to utilize press parts cleaning methods that are safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

The high flammability of conventional cleaning solvents, along with the fact that some of these materials are not designated by the EPA as hazardous substances, has led many printing companies to search for a practical alternative. The advent of water-based inks, adhesives, and top coats now also requires cleaning solutions capable of removing both traditional solvent based inks and these new formulations. Printing managers are also concerned with the escalating cost of solvents, the dangerous levels of VOCs generated during the cleaning cycle, the high cost of time and labor required for press parts cleaning, and the cost and liability associated with the disposal of solvent waste.


Progressive Recovery, Inc.